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How Emailgistics helped pc/nametag Improve Shared Mailbox Management

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As the pc/nametag business grew, so did the number of customer inquiries and support requests flooding their shared mailboxes. The team found themselves struggling to manage their inboxes and workflow with the limited features provided by their existing solution. The IT team was overwhelmed with server maintenance and a lack of features for their workflow, which resulted in long response times to customer inquiries.


Before Emailgistics, the team at pc/nametag faced several challenges with their shared mailboxes. They had to set up workflows on their Office 365 platform manually and lacked the necessary features to support shared mailboxes. This led to a lack of defined schedules, routing, and reporting. Any time the team needed to make rule changes on their exchange server, they had to submit server logs for troubleshooting issues. All this resulted in a lot of manual work and troubleshooting, taking up valuable time for the IT team.

The manual setup and lack of features on their existing solution resulted in a lot of time being spent on building and changing workflows. The pc/nametag team needed a solution that would empower them to improve productivity and respond to customer inquiries more efficiently.


During the search for a new solution, the pc/nametag team discovered Emailgistics, a remarkable platform that presented a range of appealing features. Among its offerings were auto-assignment, reporting capabilities, rules-based routing, tagging functionality, and user-level admin access. These features alone were enough to capture their attention, but what truly made Emailgistics a game-changer for them was its ability to empower team leads and managers to independently construct customized workflows for their respective teams, without the need for assistance from the IT department.

Deployment Process

Transitioning to Emailgistics from their previous solution was a breeze. It took no more than 30 minutes to get the mailbox, and all users set up. Riley H. IT Supervisor, who was previously responsible for managing the previous solution, mentioned, “The setup and maintenance of Emailgistics is by far the easiest we’ve dealt with. The integration with Outlook makes it incredibly user-friendly, and any issues are resolved in less than 10 minutes. It’s been a game-changer for our organization.”

They also noted that pushing the Emailgistics Outlook add-in through integrated apps was easy and, unlike their previous solution, there was no need to remote users’ machines to load the application. Since Emailgistics integrates with Office 365, there was no real learning curve to deploy the solution.

Improved Shared Mailbox Management

Emailgistics has revolutionized pc/nametag’s management of shared mailboxes, bringing about a remarkable transformation in their workflow processes. The platform’s implementation has substantially reduced the requirement for IT resources to construct and maintain workflows, granting team leads and managers newfound control over their respective teams. With Emailgistics, they can effortlessly configure a wide range of essential workflow options, including auto-assignment, reply assignment, tagging, and rules, enabling them to streamline and optimize their mailbox management procedures.

Greater Efficiency, Faster Response Times

The impact of Emailgistics on their productivity and response time has been significant, with sales teams experiencing faster response times. Nathan H., Senior Business Analyst, noted, “At our peak, we have over 1,000 emails coming into our contact center daily. Emailgistics allows us to use a variety of routing rules to handle these emails as efficiently as possible.”

Nathan also mentioned, “Emailgistics has completely revolutionized the way we manage our shared mailboxes. It has reduced the time and resources required to manage them, improved our response times, and allowed us to build and manage our own workflows easily. It’s the best solution we’ve found for reporting, routing, tagging, and workflow.”

Easy Implementation

Feedback from team members on how Emailgistics has impacted their work has been overwhelmingly positive. The team notes the painless setup and the smooth transition they have experienced with Emailgistics. Riley mentions, “If we ever do have an issue, the support team is great at responding within 10 minutes.” The ease of use and ability to customize workflows without the need for IT assistance has been great, as the team can easily make changes themselves.

The solution that the team was using previously operated outside of Outlook. Nathan said, “Our team was ecstatic to be able to start using a program that gave them all the features of Outlook, but still allowed us to route email properly. Being able to set a maximum number of emails per person, based on their skills and experience, has allowed new hires to work at the speed that is best for them, without being overwhelmed.”


The pricing for the value provided by Emailgistics beat any other software option the team looked at. Riley notes, “Everyone in our company uses Emailgistics, and it’s the least amount of IT tickets submitted by far. The pricing for the value is unbeatable, and the platform offers a wealth of features with no downtime. It’s a no-brainer decision for any business looking to streamline their email management.”


It is clear that Emailgistics has been a game-changer for pc/nametag. Emailgistics is the best choice for IT departments looking to deliver an email solution to business teams for reporting, routing, tagging, and workflow. The platform has helped them overcome significant challenges with managing shared mailboxes, eliminating server maintenance, several manual tasks, and a lack of defined schedules, routing, and reporting.

Since switching to Emailgistics, pc/nametag has seen a dramatic improvement in productivity, with reduced resources required to manage their shared mailboxes and the ability to service their customers more effectively. The deployment process was quick and easy, and the platform offered a wide range of features that allowed team leads and managers to build their own workflows without assistance from IT.