Supercharge your team inboxes.

Emailgistics is the leading team inbox management solution for delivering powerful workflow and analytics features.

Our solution is designed to help your teams collaborate and deliver superb customer service with increased productivity and visibility in Microsoft Outlook.

Efficient teams make for happy customers

Customer Service
Emails are automatically routed to the right team member based on skillset, so you never have to worry about a message falling through the cracks.
Team Productivity Tools
Workload distribution and user availability ensure emails are not distributed to those who aren’t available.
Team Collaboration Tools
Conversation tools, history, and a comprehensive audit log keep your team on the same page.
Metrics and Insights
Monitor metrics to keep on top of SLAs and empower your team with real-time customizable dashboards.
Outlook Integration
Emails can be managed seamlessly using our Outlook Add-In for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.
All Emails remain in Outlook so you can ensure that they’re protected.
Team Schedules
User inbox limits ensure everyone has an appropriate workload and schedule.

Our Speciality

Seamless Outlook Integration

With Emailgistics, there’s no need to install third-party software. Users can continue working in Outlook using our simple Outlook add-in.

Customer Satisfaction

Powerful workflow rules and automatic distribution give you more time to focus on what matters most: your customers. See every touchpoint in the incoming email’s journey.

Boost productivity

Automatically route emails to the right team members in every instance, so there’s never a danger of a message falling through the cracks.

Metrics and Insights

Real-time customizable dashboards monitor metrics important to your team, empowering you to make informed decisions to keep on top of SLAs.

Client Reviews

“I would recommend Emailgistics any day. The tool itself, as described, is such a game changer for simplifying day-to-day communication with customers and internally with team members.”

Chelsea H.

Enterprise Account Manager

“Emailgistics has improved my team’s email management as well as made us more effective as a support function to our organization.”

Daniel K.

Sr. HR Manager

“Emailgistics is easy to use and if you have any questions, the team is always available to help. The service is very personal, making it easy to reach out when you have questions.”

Elizabeth M.

Customer Service Manager

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