Supercharge your Shared Mailboxes 

Emailgistics is a shared mailbox management solution for Microsoft Office 365. Powerful workflow and analytics features improve productivity and decision making. Plus, with Emailgistics you continue working in Outlook as your email never leaves Office 365.

Increase team productivity

Route emails efficiently and keep agents focused on their assignments.

Process emails faster

Redirect time and energy away from manually assigning emails to actually answering them.

Improve customer service

Tracking to ensure your team replies to customers accurately and promptly.

Organize your Office 365 team inboxes

  •    Automate assignment to your team
  •    Track performance with reporting tools
  •    Continue working from Outlook
  •    Receive alerts to stay on time with replies

Assign emails to the right people, faster

Automated message assignment and workflow rules will route hundreds of emails to the right team members in seconds.

Clear message ownership and inbox visibility

Individual agent folders appear within Outlook, helping to ensure your team never misses or duplicates efforts on an email.

Set alerts to stay on time with replies

Prevent emails from falling through the cracks. Receive notifications before emails are at risk of falling behind team standards.

Monitor your team’s performance

Real-time customizable dashboards monitor metrics important to your team, including message volume, reply times, service level compliance and more.

Quantify your customer service performance

Reporting tools track trends and performance metrics providing insights to enhance workforce productivity and improve reply times.

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