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Emailgistics Helps McPherson Oil Boost Productivity and Reduce Email Response Time

The McPherson Oil company is recognized as the leading production, relocation, and oil processor in the southern United States, known for their unparalleled expertise and cost-saving solutions. They strongly emphasize cultivating quality partnerships with their clients and are dedicated to delivering exceptional value.

With a remarkable track record spanning over 50 years, they have solidified their position as the largest private distributor of lubricants in the Southeast region. Their impressive growth has been facilitated through strategic collaborations with numerous partners, expanding their reach and influence in the industry. Their extensive experience and knowledge in handling the logistics of petroleum products set them apart as unrivaled experts in the field.


Prior to implementing Emailgistics, McPherson Oil faced a multitude of challenges managing their shared mailboxes. These obstacles significantly hindered their overall efficiency, causing frustration among their customer care team.

The team faced a constant struggle with misplaced emails, which resulted in crucial messages getting lost in the abyss of the inbox. This was a major issue for maintaining the team’s high standard of customer service. Additionally, a slow, imperfect manual triage process with Outlook categories regularly resulted in duplicate replies to customers. This resulted in both team and customer confusion and made it difficult to maintain clear communication.

The lack of organization within their shared mailboxes further compounded their difficulties. Without a proper system in place, it was challenging to keep track of ongoing conversations. The team was often left in the dark, unsure of what was happening or who was responsible for handling specific emails.

By implementing Emailgistics, McPherson Oil has successfully overcome these challenges, revolutionizing their shared mailbox management. The platform’s intuitive features and robust functionalities have brought order and structure to their email workflows, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies they previously encountered.


During the evaluation process, McPherson Oil considered ticketing systems such as Zendesk, Front, and Freshdesk. However, they encountered a significant challenge with these systems in terms of email and communication formats. These platforms often required users to switch away from their native mail program, Microsoft Outlook, and adopt unfamiliar formats that could disrupt their established workflows.

Fortunately, during their search, they discovered Emailgistics, which stood out as the ideal solution. Emailgistics seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to continue working within a familiar environment. Since Emailgistics operates within O365, the transition to Emailgistics was smooth and hassle-free for both users and customers. Emailgistics also holds the distinction of being a certified Microsoft Partner. This certification further solidifies the platform’s compatibility and integration capabilities with Microsoft Outlook.

The deployment process for Emailgistics was quick and easy for the IT departments to onboard. All they needed was a shared mailbox in Microsoft 365, and the Emailgistics team took care of the rest. End-users quickly picked up everything, and the training took less than half an hour to complete.

Boost in Productivity and Reduced Response Time

Before implementing Emailgistics, McPherson Oil faced significant challenges in measuring email response metrics, which was especially important to them as 50% of their team’s workload relied on email communication. While their existing phone system provided routing and analytics, they lacked the necessary data for email interactions, leaving them unable to balance their workload effectively.

Since adopting Emailgistics, McPherson Oils has gained valuable insights into their email performance. They now have access to comprehensive metrics, enabling them to analyze and optimize their response times. The team has seen a dramatic improvement in the average reply time. Josh, the Customer Experience Manager at McPherson Oil mentioned, “Before Emailgistics, it could take a day or more to reply to customer emails. Now, our average reply time is 1 hour and 20 minutes.”

By leveraging the alerts and analytics features offered by Emailgistics, McPherson Oils has successfully established targets and consistently met them, significantly enhancing their overall efficiency and productivity. Josh also stated, “By using Emailgistics, we have been able to set targets for response times and have proof that we are meeting those goals. Our customers no longer have to follow up with requests, resulting in less back and forth and increased satisfaction.”

Note Worthy Features – Auto Assignment and Conversation History

The team has expressed great satisfaction with Emailgistics, particularly highlighting the auto assignment feature, which has significantly improved their email management experience. This unique capability automatically assigns incoming emails to available team members, effectively distributing the workload. By eliminating the need for manual assignment and the potential for delays or overlooked emails, the auto assignment feature has streamlined the team’s workflow and enhanced their productivity.

End-users also highly appreciate the conversation history and notes features available in the Outlook add-in. The conversation history allows them to easily track and review previous email interactions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of ongoing conversations. The notes feature provides users with the ability to add contextual information or reminders directly within email threads. This has increased collaboration within the team by facilitating seamless communication and ensuring that important details are captured and shared effectively.

Furthermore, the snooze function allows users to prioritize and manage their workload more efficiently. By snoozing conversations, users can temporarily postpone them for follow-up at a later, more suitable time. This feature helps maintain focus on critical tasks while ensuring that important emails are not forgotten or neglected. Josh mentioned, “Our end users have been very positive about the assignment feature, conversation history, notes, and snooze function. With less inbox chaos, our team can focus on delivering quality customer service.”

Improved Workflow and Customer Experience
Josh has found Emailgistics to be an invaluable tool that greatly enhances his ability to manage and optimize the customer experience. Josh highly appreciates is the robust reporting metrics. These metrics provide him with valuable insights and allow him to analyze trends in customer inquiries, response times, and team performance. Armed with this data, Josh can make data-based decisions to improve workflows, identify areas for optimization, and ensure that the team consistently meets their targets. The reporting metrics have become an indispensable tool for Josh, enabling him to monitor the team’s progress, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance the overall customer experience.

Additionally, the ease of using templates within Emailgistics has been a game changer for the entire team at McPherson Oil. The availability of templates across the organization streamlines the onboarding process for new users and ensures consistency in communication. This feature has made it effortless for team members to adopt and adhere to the McPherson Oils’ specific verbiage and branding guidelines in their emails, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and maintaining brand integrity.

Recommendation for Other Businesses
Josh is absolutely thrilled with his experience using Emailgistics and wholeheartedly recommends it to other businesses considering the platform. He states, “Emailgistics has been an absolute game-changer for our teams. It has revolutionized the way we manage our shared mailboxes and has enhanced overall productivity.”

But that’s not all! Josh emphasized the significant advantage of Emailgistics’ risk-free trial compared to other platforms they had considered. The ability to try out the platform without any commitment or worries was a game-changer in itself. It allowed McPherson Oil to fully explore the capabilities of Emailgistics and experience firsthand the incredible impact it had on their operations.

When asked what advice he would give to other businesses contemplating Emailgistics, Josh’s response was resounding and filled with excitement. He couldn’t emphasize enough how transformative Emailgistics has been for his team and how it has revolutionized their email management practices. From boosting efficiency to improving customer satisfaction, Emailgistics has exceeded their expectations in every way.


The transformative impact of Emailgistics on McPherson Oils has been nothing short of remarkable. Since the implementation of Emailgitics, the company has experienced significant improvements in productivity and response time efficiency. By effectively managing their shared mailboxes, McPherson Oil has dramatically reduced response times, consistently achieved their targets and exceeded customer expectations.

End-users at McPherson Oils have embraced Emailgistics wholeheartedly, praising its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook 365 has enabled a seamless transition for the entire team, promoting a cohesive and organized work environment. The platform’s robust features, including conversation history, customizable templates, and comprehensive reporting metrics, have empowered Josh, the Customer Experience Manager, to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and drive continuous improvement within his team.