Aviso Wealth is a national, integrated financial services company serving the wealth management needs of virtually all of Canada’s credit unions as well as a range of independent financial organizations. Aviso provides comprehensive services and solutions that empower Canadians to achieve financial well-being, allowing partners to offer their members and clients an outstanding wealth management experience.  

Aviso uses Emailgistics to manage email for 30+ shared mailboxes across 3 departments responsible for handling their clients’ and partners’ complex and urgent financial requests.  


Email Assignment 

Aviso’s departments were responsible for handling the thousands of client emails received each day to their shared mailboxes. Prior to Emailgistics, Aviso had to manually manage and assign every email to a mailbox team member, which was incredibly time-consuming. Aviso needed a way to automate the flow of email requiring expertise from other departments so the Service Centre could focus on handling their regular inquiries.  

Reporting & Tracking 

Prior to Emailgistics, Aviso lacked meaningful data to drive decision-making and process improvements. By manually running a macro they could get an approximation of the volume of email for each mailbox but could not dive deeper into the teams’ metrics.  

“There was just no way to track individual agent levels prior to Emailgistics.” – Cole W., Director of Service Centre at Aviso 

Setting a Service Level Agreement (SLA) reply time goal to measure accurately against was also difficult to achieve in Outlook.  


Email Automation 

Emailgistics provides Aviso’s teams with an automated assignment methodology which has:  

  • eliminated their previous manual triage process;  
  • reduced the number of people involved in handling an email inquiry; 
  • increased team efficiency; and  
  • improved their SLAs.  

With Emailgistics automated assignment Aviso is able to automatically route email to team members based on their scheduled availability and redirect ongoing conversations to the team member that was previously engaged with a customer. 

Aviso also uses Emailgistics rules-based routing to create custom assignment options to improve efficiency, reduce process bottlenecks and provide faster reply times. The Service Centre team has a variety of rules to:  

  • assign incoming messages to team members with a particular skillset or client relationship for handling; 
  • automatically re-routing messages with complex inquiries from the main Service Centre team to the team that specializes in that particular area; and 
  • declutter their inbox by archiving out-of-office autoreply emails received to the mailbox, making it easier to focus on the messages that matter. 

A workflow snapshot – handling account closure requests 

Before Emailgistics 

When a partner sent a request to close a client account to the Service Centre team, the team had several manual steps. 1) They had to email the account maintenance team to close the account, 2) They had to let the partner know the request was being worked on, 3) The account maintenance team would send an email back to the Service Centre team when the account was closed. 4) The Service Centre team would notify the partner that the account was closed. 

With Emailgistics 

An Emailgistics workflow rule was created to re-route any message containing keywords such as “close account” to the account maintenance team, the rule will also send an auto-acknowledgement email to the partner and then archive the original message in the Service Centre team’s inbox. All these actions happen within 5 seconds and this rule is triggered by these requests 20-30 times per day.  

“The rules have saved not only our time, but they have saved time for other teams as well. Processes that previously took multiple people and a long time have now been cut down with Emailgistics rules. Even though some processes were only two to three minutes, it adds up in the long run.” – Cole W. 

Email Analytics 

With Emailgistics Aviso now has accurate SLA reply times and email volume reporting for their teams which has empowered team leaders. In addition to mailbox-level reporting, Emailgistics allowed Aviso to measure individual team member performance which couldn’t be tracked previously.  

“Emailgistics user performance reports allow us to connect with the team and see how everyone is performing. If we notice someone is performing lower than normal, we can reach out and see how they are doing and figure out how we can help.” – Cole W.  

In addition to tracking trends on weekly and monthly reports, Aviso’s team leaders also take advantage of Emailgistics real-time dashboard. The customizable gauges allow easy tracking of important indicators like: the number of open messages for a team, the backlog of unassigned messages, and the age of the oldest message.  

Team leaders also set up alerts to notify them when messages in the team inbox are aging past a certain threshold in conjunction with their SLA goals so they can take action even when they don’t have the dashboard open. 

Conversation History and Snoozing messages 

In combination with reporting Emailgistics has comprehensive message detail logging accessible through the Conversation History, which has been really helpful for Cole and his team. Before using Emailgistics, the Service Centre team would BCC the team address adding unnecessary clutter to the inbox just so that everyone would have a copy of the email, but now they use the conversation history function. “As with almost every customer service team, you are regularly required to backtrack and look at the history of a situation. Being able to type in the conversation history ID, see who got assigned what, and who closed it, has been a big benefit which we did not have before.” 

Emailgistics Snooze feature has made the follow-up process with clients and partners much easier for Aviso’s teams.  

Previously if the Service Centre was waiting for a response from another team, they would put that email in a folder labelled ‘pending’. However, there was no prompt or reminder to action the email once it was in the pending folder which sometimes lead to threads falling through the cracks.  

“With Emailgistics, we prompt the team to use the snooze function, so they get a reminder to reply to the email.” – Cole W.  

Emailgistics’ Customer Support 

Emailgistics seamless integration with Outlook meant there was a minimal learning curve for Aviso’s teams, and users quickly became comfortable using Emailgistics. “For the basic day-to-day activities, it is straightforward to use.” 

“Emailgistics support has been excellent, any time any of our team leaders have needed to get in touch the speed of response and quality of response have been phenomenal.” – Cole W. 

The Emailgistics customer support team is readily available to help you and your team in relation to support questions or general inquiries about the software. With Emailgistics, you have all the tools your team needs to handle customer inquiries efficiently.  

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