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Message Assignment Options

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With Emailgistics there are several ways to assign messages to your team.

1. Automatic Assignment

Operates using a load balanced approach taking into account a user’s availability and maximum messages limit. The available user in the team inbox with the lowest number of assigned messages is assigned the next message. When two or more users are tied with the lowest number of assigned messages, Emailgistics will randomly assign the next message to one of the users. Check out our 2-minute explainer video to learn more.

2. Assign to Previous Owner

Use for teams that work with complicated threads or prefer having the same user assist the customer throughout an email transaction. If turned off customer replies are processed no differently than initial messages in a conversation and are assigned according to the assignment method of the team inbox. We have a video tutorial for this too.

3. Rules

Rules can be created for several purposes, including message assignment. Message assignment rules provide added depth and complexity to your team inbox workflow.

For example, keywords in the subject/body or a specific “From” address can be rule conditions to route email to a single user or subgroup of users from the team inbox. There’s a more detailed look at rules in the Knowledge Base, and another short video tutorial.

4. Manual Assignment

Email can be manually assigned to users via dragging and dropping messages that are queuing in the inbox to a users personal folder. You can also use the drag and drop behaviour to reassign a message from one user to another.

Additionally, with the Emailgistics Outlook Add-in, once a message is selected you can also re-assign that message to any team member within the team inbox using the drop-down menu available in the Add-in.

Automated Assignment Hierarchy

When all of Emailgistics automated assignment options are in use, they are performed in the following order:

  1. Rules. If any incoming message meets a rule’s criteria, it is triggered and all other assignment options are disregarded.
  2. Assign to Previous Owner. This only applies to subsequent replies on an existing conversation from a customer.
  3. Load Balanced Assignment. Any incoming message that does not trigger a rule or is not part of an existing thread will be routed using this automated option.

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