Team Inbox Management for Travel and Tourism

Those working in the travel and tourism sectors know that customer service is king. Repeat business, referrals, recommendations, and reviews are all negatively impacted by a bad customer experience. One of the best ways to ensure great customer rapport is through clear, concise, and timely emails!

Whether it involves confirmation of bookings and itineraries, or the resolution of issues and difficulties, the most common form of communication is email. That means ensuring every inquiry gets a timely response, ensuring consistency in communications.

The ability to assign an email to the previous owner lowers customer frustration by ensuring that they don’t need to explain their situation multiple times.

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Ensure the most urgent messages are always answered by routing emails to backup teammates when an agent is unavailable.

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Assign emails to your team at the click of a button. The clear status of each message allows everyone to see who’s responsible for next steps.

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Reporting tools track trends and performance metrics by team inbox, user, and time period; providing insights to inform training decisions and fine-tune schedules.

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