Team Inbox Management for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Transportation and logistics businesses rely on timely and accurate communications to thrive. From presentation of customs documentation to clear a shipment across a border, to responding to a customer’s request for a quote for an LTL shipment, the go-to format for any transactional communication is an email.

And time is of the essence. Minutes count when it comes to turning around a rate request or a quote; timeliness of customs paperwork is critical to clearing shipments. Oftentimes, the priority for handling a message will not be as simple as “first come, first served.”

Learn more about reducing total email response time.

See how emailgistics can optimize your workflow and boost productivity to maximize your orgainizations email efficiency.

Emailgistics gives you a competitive advantage through:

  • Productivity Boosts: Route emails efficiently and keep agents focused on their assignments.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Unanswered email alerts to notify you before your SLA is broken.
  • Real-time Dashboards: Measure and manage team inbox traffic, productivity, performance against SLAs, and more.
  • Workflow optimization: Ensure that messages get to the correct agents as quickly as possible; set up customizable standard responses to simplify and speed up replies to frequent inquiries.

Due to the nature of our business, we wanted to be able to track a message from start to finish. Having reminders and alerts for aging emails allows us to better manage our team when handling multiple accounts. The Emailgistics conversation history feature also provides us with a comprehensive audit trail for each message. This helps us solve customer issues faster and monitor our team’s productivity. The result is our customers having increased confidence in Whisk’s agility and our ability to react.

Emailgistics allows us to focus on keeping our customers happy by easing the burden of managing our ever increasing email volume. Whisk Logistics recommends Emailgistics to any organization facing a similar set of challenges.

Ray W.

President, Whisk Logistics

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