Team Inbox Management for Technology and Communications

In the fast-moving world of information and communications technology, there is an increasing need to effectively manage the enormous volumes of correspondence from both internal and external stakeholders.

From servicing customer accounts, to relationships with government regulators, third-party service and content providers, and for interdepartmental communications, it is vital to ensure that service level obligations are met while constantly needing to do more with less. Even where omnichannel communication options are presented to your customers, the bulk of transactional information exchange is accomplished through email.

Messages appear in only one user’s inbox at a time, reducing team confusion and eliminating the danger of multiple agents giving potentially conflicting replies.

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Set limits for auto distribution to each user so that they don’t get overwhelmed, and ensure maximum message throughput for the team.

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A user can snooze a message at any time, allowing them to gather the information needed to reply. This clears the clutter from their inbox but does not stop the clock for reply time reports.

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Set business hours for each of your shared inboxes in order to manage and track SLAs effectively. Define individual user schedules across multiple time zones, allowing for precise reporting.

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