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Streamlining Workflow and Enhancing Organization: How SCTI Achieved Success with Emailgistics

Established in 1982, Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) is a leading specialist travel insurer in the New Zealand market and is a relative newcomer to the Australian market, crossing the Tasman in 2009. SCTI has chosen Emailgistics to optimize its email management process across its operations. Since its establishment, SCTI has been primarily servicing their New Zealand customers via phone-based contact center consultants.

When establishing its Australian business, SCTI wanted to become a web-based company, with phone services only available for worldwide emergency assistance (a 24hr service for policyholders wanting advice or support when needing to claim). Being web and email-based for customer service means they can focus on offering competitive premiums. However, it also provides the challenge of making sure they continue to “wow” their customers with great service and a speedy response.


The team receives emails from various sources such as sales, product inquiries and claims. They also use email for important internal communication. With over 8 mailboxes and 125+ users spread across New Zealand and Australia, email presents a challenge of how to distribute work in the most efficient way possible.

When searching for an email management solution, SCTI wanted a system that would be able to deliver solid efficiency gains for their email workflow. At SCTI, team administrators assign much of their customer service work to consultants via email. In order to accomplish substantial improvements, they needed a system that would allow their non-technical team administrators to be able to change the configuration of their mail flow so it matched up with their business needs. Furthermore, they were seeking a tool that could provide strong email metrics that would give them the information needed to optimize email workflow.

Since implementing Emailgistics, the team has gained control. The system gives them everything they need to ensure that their team administrators can organize team email work with the utmost efficiency.

Managing Workflow

SCTI uses various incoming email rules and automatic message assignment to assign work to agents efficiently. Customer email inquiries are automatically assigned to the appropriate consultants, so priority tasks are distributed in a fraction of the time. Whether creating a new keyword-triggered rule or changing the permissions level of particular consultants, non-technical business administrators are able to use the Emailgistics Admin Centre to implement changes themselves.

Email Reports

SCTI uses email reports to keep a close watch on the email volumes of its team members. By accurately checking the real-time distribution of messages within their system, they can make well-informed changes to the setup of their email distribution process within Emailgistics.


Southern Cross Travel Insurance no longer has to worry about an email being deleted or lost. Staff can search and manage all messages from previous claims or policies within a couple of clicks. Emailgistics allows SCTI to maximize the efficiency of their email workflow. The system puts full control in the hands of the team administrators. Administrators are able to configure mailbox workflow that meets their teams’ needs and then use insights from Emailgistics reporting feature to tweak how the system is set up. Using Emailgistics, SCTI’s team administrators save hours each week on organizing work tasks, and monitoring changes in email volume.