At Emailgistics, we help overcome the challenges of managing your team inboxes. Here are a few ways we can help.

First impressions matter

Answer your team emails promptly. Emailgistics gets the right message to the right team member at the right time. Your customers stay delighted at how well you look after them.

Never miss an email. Emailgistics tracks everything, so there’s never a danger of an incoming message falling through the cracks.

Never give conflicting answers. With Emailgistics, every message appears in only one user’s folder at a time. There’s no chance that more than one agent tries to answer the same message, so there’s no danger of a customer getting potentially conflicting replies.

To ensure that your team always presents the right first impression, Emailgistics provides:

  • Automated distribution of email – so that every customer enquiry receives timely and accurate attention
  • Flexible mail-handling rules – so that you can set up rules-based distribution according to who a message is from, when it arrives, what it is about, or many other criteria
  • “Assign to previous owner” settings – so that customers don’t get frustrated having to explain their situation over again to a new agent

Measure and manage

Understand in detail what is happening inside your team inbox. Get real-time data and historical reports for every communication transaction.

Display critical team inbox statistics in real time via an elegant dashboard. Empower your agents to make informed decisions to keep on top of SLAs.

Analyze data by team inbox, by user, by time period: spot trends, inform coaching/training decisions, fine-tune schedules, and more.

Emailgistics reports include:

  • mailbox performance report that tracks and reconciles the total number of inbound and outbound messages, the average initial reply time, and the proportion of new messages to continuing conversations
  • user performance report that tracks, for each member of the team, the number of email messages received, the number handled, the average time to reply, and more

In addition to historical reporting, Emailgistics provides a real-time dashboard that can be displayed anywhere you have a network connection. This gives you an up-to-the-minute view of what’s going on in the mailbox, and the status of every team member’s workload

Maximize productivity

Make sure everyone has an appropriate workload. Max Messages settings and auto distribution mean that nobody is overwhelmed with inbound emails when they start their working day.

Availability settings allow individual agents to pause mailflow when they’re away from their email client. And, of course, allow managers to ensure that emails are not distributed to users who are out sick or away on vacation.

Productivity features include:

  • Administrators can set the maximum number of messages delivered to a team member’s folder. This can help prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed by volume, which has been shown to undermine productivity
  • Users can toggle their own availability, so that if they need to step away from their desk they can pause mailflow – and conversely, if they’re in early or staying late they can keep those emails coming in to get ahead of the curve
  • Messages can be “snoozed” for a selectable time period, to allow team members to gather the information needed to reply. This clears the clutter from a user’s folder, but does not stop the clock for reporting of reply times
  • Conversation tools allow team members to talk to colleagues about the content of an email without having to copy or forward the message itself. This saves time and adds efficiency to the collaboration process

Work smarter, not harder

A comprehensive set of rules help you ensure the right message gets to the right person, first time, every time.

Balance the needs of quick response times with the desire for continuity of discussion with a single point of contact, using powerful “assign to previous user” features.

Set alerts to let you know if any out-of-SLA event occurs, for example if a message has been unanswered for a long time. Use Emailgistics’ built-in management tools to take control of messages, or reassign them to a different user, to ensure efficient communication.

Flatten your learning curve

Emailgistics integrates seamlessly with Office 365. Keep your team inbox messages within your existing email architecture. Users continue working in Outlook, across desktop and mobile platforms.

Manage all Emailgistics settings from within a simple, intuitive, web-based interface.


Emailgistics’ Outlook Add-In puts key features right at your fingertips. A single click on your Outlook ribbon gives access to tools including:

  • Set user availability
  • Assign a message
  • Archive a message
  • Snooze a message
  • Chat to a colleague about a message
  • See message history

We’re here to help

We believe software should be easy to deploy and even easiser to use.

Our white glove onboarding specialists will get your teams up and running in minutes. We’ll walk through setting up your team inbox together, provide a feature overview and answer any questions to ensure your team is set up for success from day 1.

Once deployed our friendly support team is ready to provide any assistance. We also have a knowledgebase full of helpful articles and a catalog of video tutorials.