Team Productivity

With increased visibility and automation, your team can accomplish more in less time.

Workload distribution

Assign email with powerful workflow rules and automatic distribution, removing the need to manually assign emails.

Sub-team assignment

Assign certain emails to only the team members that have the skills to handle them by creating ad-hoc sub-teams within rules.

Back-up assignees

Ensure the most urgent messages are always answered by routing emails to back-up teammates when an agent is unavailable.

User availability & schedules

Control user availability manually or with defined user schedules. Ensure emails are not distributed to users who aren’t working.

Max messages

Set limits for auto distribution to each user so that they don’t get overwhelmed, and ensure maximum message throughput for the team.

0365 integration

Users continue working in Outlook across desktop, web, and mobile platforms using our simple Outlook add-in.

More on our Outlook Add-In here.

Emailgistics has the key features you need to make your customers happy.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Automated message assignment
  • Clear message ownership
  • Conversation history
  • Assign to previous owner


Team Collaboration

  • Internal comments
  • Email delegation
  • Snooze settings
  • Comprehensive audit trail

Metrics and Insights

  • Customizable dashboard
  • SLA alerts
  • Business hours & scheduling
  • Mailbox and user reports

Want to boost productivity and delight your customers?