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Zero Tools to Manage Workflow

Lack of Analytics to Measure Performance

Missed and Unanswered Messages

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Seamless Outlook Integration

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Built for Outlook

Team members are more productive when they continue to use the same software they already know how to use.

  • One app for both personal and shared mailboxes


Seamless Outlook integration means no need for third-party software. Emailgistics is suited to any industry with shared inboxes managed by a team.


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It’s easy and fast to reply with pre-written responses or snippets.

User Scheduling

Team members get assigned email only when they’re working

  • Detailed, per-user schedules
  • Manual availability toggle also supported


Tag messages for workflow and reporting.

  • Integrated with Outlook categories for easy sorting/grouping of messages
  • Apply tags with rules or manually in Outlook


Handle emails automatically based on content, sender, and more by creating Emailgistics rules.

  • Assign, auto-reply, tag, etc.
  • Use powerful regular expressions to match content


Automatic load-balanced distribution to team members. A load balanced approach to shared inboxes takes into account a user’s availability and maximum messages limit.

Message Prioritization

Prioritize work by temporarily moving less urgent emails out of a designated folder in the shared mailbox and ensure that essential messages remain readily accessible.

Time Management

Users can schedule when they want to address specific emails.

  • Prevents distractions and interruptions during critical tasks.


Snooze emails until a more suitable time for response or action.

  • Emails will reappear in the designated folder after the snooze time.

Organized Workspace

An organized and efficient work environment within a shared mailbox allows users to focus on essential tasks.

Backup Assignees

Ensure the most urgent messages are answered by routing emails to backup teammates when an agent is unavailable.

Max Messages

Establish limits for automatic message distribution to each user to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed while simultaneously optimizing message throughput for the team.

Analytics & Insights

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Up-to-the-minute metrics allow you to identify and fix bottlenecks and backlogs quickly

  • Unassigned messages
  • And many more metrics, most filterable by tag
  • Available users and number of assigned messages
  • Today’s average response time


Automatic load-balanced distribution to team members.


Get email alerts when certain conditions are met.

  • Message unanswered within time
  • Unassigned message backlog


See the performance of your teams and individual users.

  • Save and share often-used reports
  • Received and sent volume
  • Domain and tag filtering/grouping
  • Drill down to see specific messages
  • Reply and close time, inside/outside SLA %

Customer Service

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Automatic load-balanced distribution to team members.

Conversation History

Full web-based conversation history detailing all activity

  • Messages received/sent
  • Assignments
  • Notes


Built-in reminder system.

  • Emails pop back up in the designated folder within the shared mailbox when users need to follow up or revisit particular messages.

Message Ownership

Messages only appear in one user’s mailbox at any given time, ensuring that there is no risk of multiple agents providing conflicting responses.

Free Training

We offer a complimentary 2-hour training session to help you get started with our product.

Ongoing Refresher Training

We provide refresher training as needed, ensuring you stay up-to-date with our product’s features.

Free Onboarding

Our onboarding sessions are included at no additional cost, making your transition to our product smooth and efficient.

Emailgistics simplifies managing team inboxes. Our solution streamlines email communication for your team, making it organized, efficient, and stress-free.

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