Onboarding users and mailboxes to Emailgistics is a light-touch process for both users and administrators. A system administrator will need to set up the mailboxes for users as a one-time action, but no intervention is required on users’ end points, as the roll out to individual users’ Outlook clients is seamless and automated.

For administrators, there’s a little bit of preparatory work. The email address you wish to use for your shared mailbox must be set up as a shared mailbox in Microsoft Office 365; all users of the Emailgistics service will need to be members of that shared mailbox. Emailtopia’s onboarding tool will help you through the process of bringing that shared mailbox and all of its users into the Emailgistics environment. As well, you’ll need global access privileges to your Office 365 server for use during the onboarding process.

For more information on onboarding, see our documentation on the Emailgistics Support page. Here you’ll find a Quick Start guide to onboarding, and a series of video tutorials on aspects of managing and using the Emailgistics service