Team Inbox Management for Manufacturing and Engineering

From requests for quotation to approval of technical drawings, the manufacturing and engineering sectors rely on email for critical documentation all day, every day.

Quality and timeliness are the watchwords in business as well as in communication. Emailgistics gives manufacturers the tools for both, by enabling efficiency in email workflow management, and providing unsurpassed audit and reporting functions for managing email conversations.

Intelligent workflow rules instantly route emails to the right team members, ensuring timely attention is paid to every customer inquiry.

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Assign certain emails to only the team members that have the skills to handle them by creating ad-hoc sub-teams within rules.

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All agents are kept up to speed with an audit trail that details when messages are received, assigned, commented on, replied to, snoozed, or archived.

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Empower your agents to make informed decisions to keep on top of SLAs. Ensure optimal customer service by configuring alerts for various violations.

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