Getting Started

Congratulations on taking the first step to supercharge your team inbox! In this course, you will learn how to onboard your team, navigate the admin center, and set admin roles.

Basic Mail Flow

We have a variety of different settings to manage your incoming messages. In this course, you’ll learn all about default and manual message assignments, as well as enabling and using automatic assignment. We’ll also go through the assignment to the previous owner feature, and different user roles such as regular members, system admin, and billing admins.

Mail Flow Rules

Create rules for team inboxes to process incoming emails automatically. Rules are helpful if your team has defined roles or more complex workflows where a first-in, first-out approach won’t work. This course teaches you how to create rules for your team inbox.

Defining Schedules

User availability is an integral part of message assignment within Emailgistics. Availability can factor into most message assignment options, including automatic assignment, assign to previous owner and rules. This course teaches you how to set up and edit your user and mailbox schedules and account for vacations and sick days.

Outlook Add-in

To make Emailgistics even easier for Outlook users, both on the desktop and on the browser-based Outlook app, key Emailgistics functionality can be driven through an Outlook Add-in. In this course, we will show you how to use our Emailgistics add-in to get the most out of your Shared Mailbox experience and keep your team organized while they collaborate together on emails!

SLA Management & Message Auditing

We make it easier for you to meet your SLAs and stay on top of mailbox tracking. In this course, we’ll deep dive into setting reply and closed SLA per mailbox, how to set up unanswered alerts and conversation ID for different mailboxes, and how to search and view using conversation history.


Coming soon…

End User Best Practices

For users to be successful using Emailgistics we have laid out some best practices for them to follow so the transition from a regular shared mailbox to an Emailgistics Super Charged mailbox is easy and seamless. By using these best practices this will give each user a belt full of tools to be successful using Emailgistics.

See how Emailgistics can help your team deliver fast and reliable customer service!