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Snoozing a message

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Within the Emailgistics Add-in for Outlook there is the ability to snooze messages. The snooze behaviour puts a message into a Snoozed folder on a timed hold. A snoozed messages will move from the team members folder to the snoozed folder where it can still be accessed. The Snoozed folder contains every snoozed message for the team inbox. Team members can choose from several default snooze options or create a custom snooze time. When the allotted snooze time for a message has elapsed the message will automatically move back to the team member’s folder that snoozed the message.

Why snooze a message?

Our snooze functionality serves 2 primary functions.

1. It keeps team members folders clean. The team folders are a space where the workload is assigned and acted on. Constantly committing brain power to parse through and recognize which messages need to be acted on right away vs. followed up on at a later date and when is not realistic for busy teams and hinders productivity. Snooze keeps track of this for you so you can focus on messages that require immediate replies.

2. If your team users Emailgistics messages limits to control user workload, snooze allows users to disengage from a message for a specified time, so it doesn’t count against there message limit, allowing new messages to be assigned and worked.

Messages Snooze Use Case

Example: A team member has replied to a customer requesting more information on an order, they snooze the last message in the conversation for 2 days as a reminder to follow up with the customer on this information request.

The snooze ability is available as a Pro tier feature to Emailgistics customers and full snooze functionality can only be accessed from the Outlook Add-in.