Reports to track open messages

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In addition to our real-time dashboard, we added two new reports to Emailgistics Pro to help your team track open messages. These reports provide granularity, with the ability to drill down into individual messages and their Conversation histories.

Open message detail report

This report lists the subjects and thread IDs of all open messages, by team member at a specific moment in time (when you run the report). The list of open messages will include any messages that a user has snoozed as well.

Alert detail report

Emailgistics Alerts were designed to give you a heads up before an email aged outside your reply time goal. Emailgistics will send notifications to mailbox users (or any other email address you specify) if a message is unanswered within a specified time period.

The alert detail report includes key information such as: Received Date, Location (message owner), Conversation ID and Subject. The Conversation ID and Subject include links to the Conversation History and a copy of the message in Outlook on the Web.

We hope these new reports will make it easier for teams to quickly gain context into their current workload.

If you have any questions on how to use or interpret these new reports, please contact Rick Gratto, our customer success manager at