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Inserting Conversation ID into subject lines

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As of November 2020, the conversation ID commonly found in our Outlook add-in can now be automatically inserted to the end of message subject lines. This is a per-mailbox setting available to mailbox administrators, who can control exactly how the ID appears at the end of the subject. Including the unique conversation ID in message subject lines has two main advantages that can boost your team’s ability to provide great customer service efficiently.

Conversation ID’s become customer-facing. Providing your customers with a unique point of reference to mention makes it easier for your team to quickly get up to speed on their request/inquiry when they contact you outside of email.

Conversation ID’s become searchable in Outlook. For teams that receive an avalanche of email conversations from the same customers searching by subject or sender doesn’t always work to narrow your search. This is especially true for organizations with message archives spanning several years.

How to append the Conversation ID into the subject of messages.

The default format of the Conversation ID is (XXXXXXX). If you prefer, you can add your own text to appear before or after the ID. Most common is to place a prefix such as Thread or ID. To configure, select a mailbox from the mailboxes tab, then select the Conversation ID tab to view the options below.

Changing the thread prefix will cause new messages received in any existing threads to get new thread numbers. For this reason, it is recommended that if you wish to create a custom format, you set it immediately after onboarding your shared mailbox.

If you have any questions about adding the Conversation ID into the subject for your mailboxes, please contact our Customer Success Manager at