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Emailgistics Reports

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Emailgistics Starter comes packaged with two standard reports: a team inbox report and a user report. In addition, reporting metrics can be displayed with a real-time dashboard.

The team inbox report provides statistics on team performance as a whole, including metrics such as volume of email, average response time, number of active users, and more. The data can be aggregated in selectable slices: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. This enables managers to identify at a glance regular spikes in email traffic at certain times of day or particular weekdays. This in turn can inform decision making on staffing levels and shift patterns. Ultimately allowing managers to plan around average traffic volumes to maintain optimum efficiency and productivity.

Managers can consult the user report to spot behaviour patterns which may prompt a need for coaching or corrective action. Again, aggregating this data enables managers to recognize trends in “busyness” and identify areas where users perform below par. The user report can also highlight your team’s top performers.

For information about our dashboard, please take a look at this article.