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Emailgistics Licensing

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After your 14-day free trial to continue using Emailgistics choose a to proceed with your subscription.

Emailgistics offers two plans:

Starter: USD $10.00/User/Month

Professional: USD $24.00/User/Month

A complete list of features for each plan can be found here.

We also offer these plans as yearly license subscriptions for a 10% discount on the monthly price.

Once you select a plan, you will have the option of applying licenses to your users in Emailgistics.

Monthly licenses are billed at the start of your billing period and will recur each month unless a user has the license removed or the user is removed from the mailbox. At the end of your billing period, Emailgistics will remove all unused monthly licenses to prevent your account from being billed for inactive licenses going forward.

Yearly licenses are the most common choice for our customers as this will give you a 10% discount on the monthly plan price. For example, the professional plan receives a $2.40 discount on the monthly plan price of $24.00/User/Month for an average monthly cost on a yearly license of 21.60/User/Month. To apply for a license to a user in Emailgistics, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the accounts section of your admin page (Note: you must have the billing admin role to access the accounts page)

2. Select the licenses tab

3. From here, you can modify existing licenses

You can modify from monthly to yearly by selecting Modify beside the user’s name, or you can purchase more licenses by selecting Add Licenses.

Unlicensed Users

You can have members in the shared mailbox (in Exchange) without them requiring an Emailgistics role (or a paid license). Often this is someone on the IT team or a senior manager who wants to keep one toe in the mailbox but will not be using Emailgistics.

Licensed vs Unlicensed Roles