Emailgistics Alerts

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Wouldn’t it be great to get a heads up before an email aged outside your reply time goal? To be able to take proactive steps on your assigned email backlog before it becomes a real problem? Emailgistics alerts send notifications to mailbox users and any other email address if a message is unanswered within a specified time period.

1. Create an alert to notify specific recipients when a message has been unanswered for X amount of time. You can also specify how often the alert notification is sent to the recipients.

2. Set an alert schedule so notifications don’t pile up outside your regular business hours.
3. The alert notification provides the following information: the date received, the From address, the Subject line and the current folder the message resides.

Use the unanswered alert to prevent messages falling through the cracks and proactively manage your team’s work. Emailgistics will be adding new alerts, including an Unassigned Alert to notify teams when their backlog reaches a certain threshold.

If you have any questions about the Unanswered Alert, please contact our Customer Success Manager at