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Advanced Assignment

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Assigning messages to team members with Emailgistics is easy using the default options such as automatic assignment and assign to previous owner. For teams with nuanced workflows there are more advanced assignment options available using rules. Emailgistics rules can be used to assign messages to a candidate pool of a single team member, this article however will review the options for candidate pools containing multiple team members.

Sub-Team Assignment

Using rules, messages that meet a certain criteria can be assigned to a smaller group of team members within the team inbox. A great option for teams that split responsibilities or have team members with a range of skill sets.

Rule action to assign message to either Jacob, Monica or Kristen

Backup Assignee’s

This Professional Plan feature within Emailgistics rules can prioritize messages with certain criteria. If a primary team member can’t work a message right away Backup Assignee’s can add a single or multiple layers of “insurance” so emails skip the queue and are assigned to a designated backup team member right away. This message assignment flexibility ensures your team’s important emails get the care and attention they require as soon as possible.

Rule action to assign message to Callen if Jacob, Monica or Kristen are unavailable

Tip: Teams with users managing specific accounts likely have rules set up. These rules should include a backup assignee whenever possible so you are prepared if the primary account manager is sick, on vacation or otherwise unable to work.

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