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Team Inbox Management for Government

Government ministries, departments and agencies all need to balance accountability to their public constituency with timely response to requests for information. There’s often a need for a robust audit trail, too, which not only helps meet the requirements of regulators and oversight bodies, but provides greater transparency to the public.

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Organized Workspace

An organized and efficient work environment within a shared mailbox allows users to focus on essential tasks.


Handle emails automatically based on content, sender, and more.

  • Assign, auto-reply, tag, etc.
  • Use powerful regular expressions to match content


Up-to-the-minute metrics allow you to identify and fix bottlenecks and backlogs quickly.

  • Unassigned messages
  • And many more metrics, most filterable by tag
  • Available users and number of assigned messages
  • Today’s average response time

Conversation History

Full web-based conversation history detailing all activity.

  • Messages received/sent
  • Assignments
  • Notes


Automatic load-balanced distribution to team members.


Get email alerts when certain conditions are met.

  • Message unanswered within time
  • Unassigned message backlog

Customer Satisfaction

Emailgistics has the key features you need to make your customers happy.

Customer Satisfaction

Assign email with powerful workflow rules and automatic distribution, removing the need to manually assign emails.

Team Collaboration

Assign certain emails to only the team members that have the skills to handle them by creating ad-hoc sub-teams within rules.

Metrics & Insights

Ensure the most urgent messages are always answered by routing emails to back-up teammates when an agent is unavailable.