Team Inbox Management for Financial Services

Over the last decade, the growth of fintechs providing online banking, P2P payments, direct insurance, trading platforms and virtual financial institutions has changed the nature of client relationships in the industry.

Email has emerged as a primary medium for exchanging documents, dealing with queries, and processing claims, and is the perfect mechanism for handling inbound communications traffic from clients and customers. Not only is it important from a customer-relations standpoint to set and meet aggressive service level agreements, it is imperative to have an audit trail of inbound and outbound client communication.

Messages appear in only one user’s inbox at a time, reducing team confusion and eliminating the danger of multiple agents giving potentially conflicting replies.

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Ensure emails are distributed only to users who are currently working by toggling user availability manually or setting defined user schedules.

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Conversation tools inside of Outlook save time and boost efficiency by making it easy to comment on customer emails without forwards, CCs, or using external chat tools.

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A customizable dashboard that monitors important metrics can be used to keep your team on track by monitoring inbound and outbound message volume, reply times, user workload, and more.

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