Turning off Cached Exchange Mode for Office 365 shared mailboxes

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Cached Exchange Mode prevents Outlook from communicating in real-time with the server, instead waiting to synchronize on a timed schedule. When you’re working in an individual (i.e. not shared) mailbox, this doesn’t cause an issue, because there’s only one-to-one communication of changes to the mailbox, and a short delay doesn’t affect anybody else. Many organizations use cached mode by default, as it can have a positive impact on performance for regular corporate mailboxes.

However, when there are several people working in a shared box, this synchronization delay can cause problems if, for example, one agent moves a message in Outlook, but the server doesn’t get notified immediately. So, another agent might try to do something with the same email, leading to conflicts with the synchronization of the mailbox.

Turning off cached mode removes the potential for sync issues, but we don’t want to turn off cached mode for all folders. Microsoft has provided the facility within Outlook to turn off cached exchange mode only for shared folders. Emailgistics strongly recommends that customers do this, by following these instructions:

Step 1. In Outlook, navigate to Account Settings, and double click the account associated with the shared mailbox

Step 2. Click on the more settings button

Step 3. In more settings select the advanced tab

Step 4. Make sure the download shared folders button is unchecked below cached exchange mode. Once done click apply and restart Outlook.

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