Mailbox Schedules

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A mailbox schedule defines when a team’s inbox is considered to be open. Schedules are important for accurate reporting of response times.

This mailbox is on the Toronto time zone, with scheduled hours that include 2 time spans (8 AM – 4 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM) on Monday, 1 time span (9 AM – 5 PM) Tuesday through Friday, and August 28th off as a holiday.

Scheduled open hours are configurable for each day and allow you to specify two time spans for each day. For mailboxes with team members in multiple time zones it is important to note the time zone of the mailbox, listed at the top of the schedule tab. The mailbox time zone is determined during the on-boarding, Emailgistics adopts the time zone of the PC used during set-up for the mailbox. Mailbox schedules also allow you to specify holidays or days off for your team. Dates already marked as a holiday are shown in blue.