Initiating a message from a mailbox

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Chances are you’re familiar with hitting the reply button, but how often are you creating a brand new message from your shared mailbox?

Today we’ll show you how to compose a brand new message from within your shared mailbox.

  1. Click on New Email.

2. Click on the From drop down and select other email address.

3. Enter in your shared mailbox address. In my example, my shared mailbox address is and click ok.

4. Enter in your email details (recipient, subject, message content) and hit send.

If you have any trouble with step 2 above and the From drop down is not visible, you can make it visible by following these steps.

  1. Click on New Email.

2. Click on Options on the top and select the From button in the Show Fields section.

If you have any questions on initiating messages from your shared mailbox, you can reach our support team for more info at