User availability and scheduling

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User availability is an integral part of message assignment within Emailgistics. Availability can factor into most message assignment options including: automatic assignment, assign to previous owner and rules. There are two options to configure a user’s availability:

The Availability Toggle (Emailgistics Starter and Pro plans)

User Schedules (Emailgistics Pro plan)

Both of these options can be accessed via the Emailgistics Outlook add-in or the admin centre.

Availability Toggle

A simplistic on or off setting, availability can be individually toggled for each team inbox that a user is a member of. A user that belongs to two team inboxes can be available for one and unavailable for the other. A user can toggle their availability on/off in two places:

1. The Me page of the Emailgistics Admin Centre

2. The Emailgistics Outlook Add-in

Tip: Users can adjust their own availability from the add-in or the admin centre. Mailbox Administrators can adjust the availability of any user within their mailbox from the admin centre.

User Schedules

A more detailed approach to managing availability, define specific time periods for work, breaks and more for each user. Here is how to configure a user schedule:

  1. A user’s availability mode can be changed for each mailbox they are a member of. is a schedule Select a mailbox and then a user, switch to Scheduled Availability and select your time zone.


Can a message be automatically assigned to a user that is not marked as available?

Yes. Rules that ignore user availability will still assign messages, as will Assign to Previous Owner if availability isn’t specified.

Tip: When managing multiple team inboxes the configurable availability makes it practical to have users assigned to many or all of the team inboxes so that if an inbox receives a spike in email extra staff can simply turn their availability on to assist.