Overcome the challenges of managing your team inboxes

Deliver superb customer service with increased productivity and visibility in Outlook.

Why Emailgistics?

The Problem

Microsoft 365 shared mailboxes provide zero tooling to manage workflow, and a lack of analytics to measure performance.

The Solution

Emailgistics enhances Microsoft 365 with a suite of workflow options including auto assignment, assign to previous owner and unlimited custom assignment rules. Emailgistics reports and dashboards provide critical productivity insights that let you drive constant team improvement.

Emailgistics has the key features you need to make your customers happy.

Customer Service

Automated message assignment

Intelligent workflow rules instantly route emails to the right team members, ensuring every customer inquiry receives timely and accurate attention.

Clear message ownership

Messages appear in only one user’s folder at a time, so there’s no danger of multiple agents giving potentially conflicting replies.

Conversation history

Quickly get up to speed on customer interactions so you can solve any issues with competence.

Assign to previous owner

The ability to assign an email to the previous owner ensures that customers don’t need to explain their situation multiple times.

Team Productivity

Workload distribution

Assign emails with powerful workflow rules and automatic distribution, removing the need to assign emails manually.

Sub-team assignment

Assign certain emails to only the team members with the skills to handle them by creating ad-hoc sub-teams within rules.

Backup assignees

Ensure the most urgent messages are always answered by routing emails to backup teammates when an agent is unavailable.

User availability & schedules

Control user availability manually or with defined user schedules. Ensure emails are not distributed to users who aren’t working.

Max messages

Set limits for auto distribution to each user so they don’t get overwhelmed and ensure maximum message throughput for the team.

Office365 Integration

No need for third-party applications. Users continue working in Outlook across desktop, web, and mobile platforms using our simple Outlook add-in.

Team Collaboration

Internal Comments

Keep everything inside Outlook. Conversation tools make it easy to comment on customer emails without forwards, CCs, or external chat tools, saving time and adding efficiency to the collaboration process.

Email delegation

Assign emails to your team at the click of a button. The transparent status of each message allows everyone to see who’s responsible for the next steps.

Snooze settings

Messages can be snoozed for a selectable time period, allowing team members to gather the information needed to reply. This clears the clutter from a user’s inbox but does not stop the clock for reply time reports.

Comprehensive audit trail

Your team stays on the same page with an audit trail that details when messages are received, assigned, commented on, replied to, snoozed, or archived.

Metrics & Insights

Customizable dashboard

Motivate your team using a real-time customizable dashboard that monitors essential metrics, including inbound and outbound message volume, reply times, user workload and more.

SLA alerts

Empower your agents to make informed decisions to keep on top of SLAs. Alerts can be configured for various violations to ensure optimal customer service.

Business hours & scheduling

Set business hours for each of your shared inboxes in order to manage and track SLAs effectively. Individual user schedules can be defined across multiple time zones, allowing for precise reporting.

Mailbox and user reports

Reporting tools track trends and performance metrics by team inbox, user, and time period, providing insights to inform training decisions and fine-tune schedules.

See how Emailgistics can help your team deliver fast and reliable customer service!

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