Emailgistics works within the framework of a Shared Mailbox in Microsoft Office 365. Many organizations that utilize some of the functionality of shared mailflow have set up their group email address as a User Mailbox rather than a Shared  mailbox. Although this makes little difference to the basic functionality available within Outlook, the added benefits of Emailgistics are only available to mailboxes set up as a Shared Mailbox as defined by Microsoft.

If your group email is currently being handled by a User Mailbox, you will need to convert this to a Shared Mailbox before onboarding to the Emailgistics environment.

Follow these steps to convert your User Mailbox to a Shared Mailbox

1. Open a web browser and go to Once there, sign in with your Exchange administrator credentials.

2. Click on Admin to get to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

3. Click on Users, then Active Users in the left panel

4. On the right, your list of users will appear. Click on the user you wish to convert to a shared mailbox. You should see something similar to this

5. Click on Mail, and scroll down and click on “Convert to Shared Mailbox”

6. Press the convert button on the screen that appears

7. The mailbox should now be converted and ready for use with Emailgistics. Click “Close” to end the process.