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Let me clear something up. If you are part of a team using Outlook (Office 365) and are looking for a Front alternative: keep reading.

Below we provide feature comparisons and insights into why customers should supercharge their team inboxes with Emailgistics instead of those other guys.

  1. No Switching Between Outlook and Other Apps

Like Front, Emailgistics is a better way to handle email, but unlike Front, with our software you get to continue working directly IN OUTLOOK. Emailgistics was built to keep your team’s email safely in Office 365 while enhancing your email experience in Outlook. The continued use of the Outlook suite of tools that your team is already familiar with, significantly reduces the learning curve. Teams can learn how to use Emailgistics in as little as 15 minutes.

  1. Accessible Reporting

Front offers analytics reports, metrics reporting based on business hours and the ability to export data, but only with their most expensive plans.

At Emailgistics we believe accurate reporting is critical to your team’s success, that’s why mailbox schedules with your business hours and KPI analytics like average reply time reporting are available with every plan. The reporting data for all mailbox and user reports can be easily exported to Excel.

  1. Your Email History Matters

With Front the maximum number of emails you can import from Office 365 is 50,000. If your team receives 150 emails a day, that’s less than a year’s worth of email.

With Emailgistics there are no messages to import, our seamless integration with Office 365 means your email history remains at your fingertips.

  1. Straightforward Pricing

Your business shouldn’t be punished for thriving. With Front as you grow you may be required to upgrade to more expensive plans. Even from the start you may need to be on a top tier plan just for the privileges of using multiple mailboxes, unlimited workflow rules and load balanced assignment.

With every Emailgistics plan you can have as many users, mailboxes, or workflow rules as you need, including our load balanced and previous owner assignment.


Still not convinced? Book a demo with one of our product specialists and see how we can optimize your workflow and give you the tools to tackle your team inbox chaos.