Directing email traffic of an Office 365 shared mailbox can be challenging. Delegating emails to the team is often a manual process that can take several hours per day depending on the email volume received. Team managers have two main options, both awkward and an inefficient use of resources:

A) Create an elaborate labelling system internally, often through colour-coding emails to indicate team member responsibilities.


B) Tie up human capital with a team member dedicated to manually delegating emails to the rest of the team.

Did you know?

If emails are manually delegated in just 30 seconds, it would still take 2.5 hours each day to triage a team inbox receiving 300 emails per day. That’s 12.5 hours each week and over 30% of that persons work week just assigning emails!

Additionally, in either option the team inbox address will likely be copied on every team member’s reply to a customer to confirm which emails have been worked. This adds yet another email to delegate or label and clutters the team inbox, a distraction from the important unanswered customer emails.

Emailgistics takes the manual labour out of using your Office 365 shared mailboxes with our automatic assignment feature. Automatic email assignment is a great tool to improve team productivity and keep team members task oriented. Each incoming email to your team inbox will be instantly delegated to one team member automatically – no more forwarding! Team members won’t need to memorize intricate labelling systems or be relegated to the role of “email librarian” for manual distribution.

Automatic assignment was designed to intelligently distribute emails to team members based on their availability and email workload, this ensures emails are worked as efficiently as possible. Emailgistics can even assign subsequent incoming customer emails to the team member that originally handled the thread.

With the email logistics taken care of your team can turn 100% of their attention and effort to replying to your customers, reducing response times while simultaneously responding to more emails.

Which inbox would your team prefer to use?