As a team supervisor, managing email traffic in Office 365 for a shared mailbox has always been a difficult task. Office 365 offers very few tools to assist with the challenges of a shared mailbox environment. In most cases you’re left with two very awkward and inconvenient options:

  1. You can arrange an elaborate labelling system internally, often through colour-coding emails to indicate team member responsibilities.
  2. You can tie up precious resources with a team member dedicated to manually distributing emails to the rest of the team.

Additionally, in either scenario the shared mailbox address will typically be copied on every team member’s reply to a customer. This adds yet another email to distribute or label and clutters the team inbox distracting everyone from unanswered customer emails.

This is why Emailgistics offers automatic message distribution for your shared mailboxes in Office 365. It’s a great tool for managers and supervisors to improve team productivity and keep team members task-oriented. With Round Robin distribution you can transform your team’s workday by removing their routine minutiae. Each incoming email to your shared mailbox will be instantly distributed automatically to one team member. Team members won’t need to memorize intricate labelling systems or be relegated to the role of “email librarian” for manual distribution. With the email logistics taken care of your team can turn 100% of their attention and effort to replying to your customers.

Which inbox would your team prefer to work from?


image of Emailgistics outlook inbox