Here are five ways to boost customer satisfaction with key features from Emailgistics.


Know how efficiently you’re servicing your customers

Reporting tools track trends and performance metrics by team inbox, user, and time period; providing insights to inform training decisions and fine-tune schedules.


Spend less time on grunt work, more time replying to customers

Assign email with powerful workflow rules and automatic distribution, removing the need to manually assign emails.

Assign to previous owner

Give your customers conversation continuity

The ability to assign an email to the previous owner ensures that customers don’t need to explain their situation multiple times.

Skills-based routing

Ensure customers are directed to the best agent for their inquiry

Intelligent workflow rules instantly route emails to the right team members, ensuring every customer inquiry receives timely and accurate attention.

Conversation history

Quickly get up to speed on customer interactions

Your team stays on the same page with an audit trail that details when messages are received, assigned, commented on, replied to, snoozed, or archived.

client monthly metrics


Intelligently-assigned emails


SLA compliance rate achieved


Increased team productivity